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Ann C.

“Dr. Kostman has been a resource for me for many years. He replaced both knees for myself and my elderly father. We have both done well. He has seen several of my friends and siblings for treatments of shoulder, knee and hip problems as well. He is always friendly, professional and caring in what he does. His staff has always been available for questions or concerns as well.”


“Dr. Kostman is a great surgeon and was very professional friendly as was his staff. I’m a runner and have had problems with my ankle for over a year. Once Dr. Kostman repaired my tendonitis, I was to eventually return to running and feel great!”

Eddie S.

“I was referred to Dr. Chris Kostman by a coworker who said that Dr. Kostman was very professional and an excellent surgeon. In the law enforcement field, fitness has a direct impact on job performance, officer safety and wellness. His combined services of injections and physical therapy has reduced my pain, as well as full rotation in my shoulder. Thank you Dr. Kostman for treating my rotator cuff tendinitis and as well as the professionalism and courtesy with which I was treated by you and your friendly and well-trained staff.”


“Dr. Kostman and his office staff were very kind and listened to my concerns and fears. My success I have had in being able to run/hike again is all due to Dr. Kostman and the care I received. I highly recommend him and I am very grateful he was recommended to me.”

John O.

“I’ve been a patient of Dr. Kostmans for several years. Due to my occupation as a firefighter and my hobbies, Dr. Kostman has done multiple procedures for me. He is professional and knowledgeable, yet he is very easy to talk to and makes sure you understand what he is treating you for. He has an excellent staff that works with him. Also, I like his aggressive way of therapy, so I can get back to the job I love and the hobbies I enjoy. Thank you Dr. Kostman”


Sharron Sanders

“I was referred to Dr. Kostman by my rheumatologist back in 1998 because I was suffering from arthritis and bone-on-bone pain in both knees. I walked with a cane and at that time, I thought I would never walk without one. Dr. Kostman’s reputation preceded him as my rheumatologist had a wealth of confidence in him. After my first visit with him, he gained my confidence and eventually replaced both knees, one year apart. His expert talents, his bedside manner and his guidance changed by life by giving me such a better quality of life. I have every confidence in Dr. Kostman and I have referred a number of people to him and still refer. Needless to say, I haven’t used a cane since my knee replacements.”

For appointments or referrals, please call
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